2015 BUSEY Winner - Chris Wittum

June 24, 2015
Film Still of Gary Busey in Diary of a Serial killer

We are proud to announce the 2015 BUSEY Award Winner – Chris Wittum for his essay “Structure, Metaphor, Mapping, Assemblage: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover.

The essay was originally written for and nominated by Margaret C. Flinn – Associate Professor in the Department of French and Italian during her Film Studies Senior Seminar focusing on National and International Art Cinema.

Columbus Moving Image Art Review 23 - June 19th - 8PM

June 17, 2015
Image detailing date and time for CMIAR 23

The Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) will host its 23rd quarterly local moving image screening event on Friday March 20th from 8pm to 9:30pm at Hagerty Hall 180. CMIAR is a screening event for artists residing in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. CMIAR was developed by two local moving image artists who wanted to create a way for the seventh art of film to return to the presentation medium of the cinema house. CMIAR 23 will be programmed with moving image work from Ohio State University Students, Staff and Alumni, CCAD Students and Faculty, and local Central Ohio filmmakers. Admission is free and open to the public. Light food and drinks will be provided. CMIAR is sponsored by the OSU Film Studies Program and Nicolettecinemagraphics.

GFC Film Reviews - Good Kill - "It's not PlayStation...We are killing people!"

May 21, 2015
Movie Poster


UAVs... Un-manned Aircraft... Drones. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are not the future of warfare, they are the here and now. Good Kill written and directed by Andrew Nichol (Gattaca and The Truman Show) reunites with actor Ethan Hawke to provide a look into the daily life of a single pilot assigned to fly missions using UAVs for the war on terror. Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness) co-stars with Hawke as the weathered lieutenant In charge of missions along with Zoë Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road), the fresh recruit that questions the ethical validity of the groups missions. The film places Hawke in the middle of these two opposing views asking him to pick a side and either accept his self-proclaimed role as a coward shooting missiles from 7000 miles away, or to resign before he loses himself completely to the psychological impact of his daily actions.

Poster for film Good Kill by IFC Films

GFC Film Reviews - Animals, for love or addiction!

May 13, 2015
Still photo from film.

Every day we walk down the street and we see a person, a man or a woman, who is just hanging around a little messy, a little out of place, and sometimes not really aware of the world around them. Animals, a new film directed by Collin Schiffli, explores two people, one woman and one man who struggle to survive on instinct and avoid the crash of withdraw from their heroin addiction. David Dastmalchian stars in the lead male role which he wrote along with co-star Kim Shaw to provide a character study of two people who just need each other to cope with life on the streets.