Student Organizations


Check out some of the student organizations to take part in film screenings, trivia nights, production opportunities, and trips to film festivals

Film and Video Society

We are committed to fostering cooperation and creativity among Ohio State students in the disciplines of film and video. By offering an open and rewarding environment for the study and appreciation of film and video, we strive to prepare students for future explorations in these media. Our activities range from creating and producing compelling video projects to hosting screenings of independent student work to taking trips to film festivals across the nation.

Mad Royal Film Society

We're a close-knit, fun-spirited movie group that collaborates to make one polished short film per school year. We do pre-production in the fall, and filming in the spring. Outside of the main film we play games, talk movies and tv, compete in film contests, shoot short films, and have movie nights!

Ohio Union Television

To foster a campus community of video and filmmakers, who educate, assist, and inform each other through every aspect of video and film production.

Reel Buckeye Productions

Purpose: Reel Buckeye Productions is committed to creating a unique educational experience for Ohio State Students interested in Film and Video Production by attempting to produce a feature-length film annually or bi-annually. We are dedicated to providing members with a cooperative and conducive environment fit to learn and experience all aspects of film making and explore the links between the different departments at the Ohio State University that can contribute the making of our film.

Animation Club

To provide a community for those interested in viewing, discussing, and making animated shorts.

Scarlet and Gray Anime

To foster an appreciation of Japanese popular culture through showings of Japanese animated films ("Anime") and related popular media.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Film Studies Group at Ohio State University

In response to the needs of graduate students of various disciplines interested in film studies, the Ohio State University Interdisciplinary Graduate Film Studies Group’s goal is to provide opportunities for viewing, reading, and discussion, as well as support for filmmaking and cinema appreciation efforts throughout campus. Eventually, the club’s mission may expand, since the needs of graduate students invested in cinema studies at OSU are diverse. Since film studies is a relatively young field and has emerged during a complex era in the history of the humanities, many institutions offer coursework in cinema studies on an intermittent, contingent, or supplementary basis only. As a result, graduate students with a scholarly interest in film studies require more engagement in a formal context. IGFSG will provide a forum for graduate students to learn from one another and form connections across disciplines while pursuing academic career development goals related to film studies. The possibilities are as numerous as the quantity of students who choose to become involved.