Summer 2015


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History of Art 2901 Intro to World Cinema

Chronological survey of the most influential and recognized film artists and film movements of the world.
Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 260. GE VPA and diversity global studies course.

  • Lecture: 15262 Meets: T W Th F 2:20-3:40 pm Parks Hall 0103 Instructor: Staff

Electives (see categories above for more elective options)

African American and African Studies 4571 Black Visual Culture and Popular Media

An examination of African Americans in visual culture and the theories of representation in popular media.
Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 571. GE VPA and diversity soc div in the US course

  • Lecture: 21020 Meets: M T W 9:30-12:30 pm University Hall 043 Instructor: Simone Drake
  • * May Term Course *

English 4578 Special Topics in Film

Examination of particular topics, themes, genres, or movements in cinema; topics may include particular directors (Orson Welles), periods (The Sixties), genres (horror).
Prereq: 10 qtr cr hrs or 6 cr hrs of English at 2000-3000 level, or permission of instructor. 5 qtr cr hrs in 367 or 3 cr hrs in 2367 in any subject is acceptable towards the 6 cr hrs. Not open to students with 15 qtr cr hrs for 578 or 9 sem cr hrs for 4578 or 4578H. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 cr hrs. Please check and for course topics.

  • Lecture: 24461 Meets: M W F 1:00-4:00 pm Denney Hall 0250 Instructor: Jane Chen
  • * May Term Course *

WGSS 3317  Hollywood, Women, and Film

A critical survey of the rep. of women in Hollywood cinema, examples drawn from the 1930's to present. Learn how film has functioned in its representation of women and how and why women film makers have created alternative visions of women in film.
Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 317. GE VPA course.

  • Lecture: 24144 Meets: T Th 4:45-7:25 pm University Hall 0082 Instructor: Erin Tobin

Minor Only Courses

English 3378 Special Topics in Film and Literature

Focuses on the relationship between film and literature; topics may include adaptation, cross-media themes and modes, influence of cinema on literature and vice versa.
Prereq: English 1110 (110) or equiv. Not open to students with 10 qtr cr hrs on 378. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 hrs. GE cultures and ideas course.

  • Lecture: 14111 Meets: T R 1:50-4:20 pm Denney Hall 0250 Instructor: Staff

Film Studies 2270.02 Introduction to Film Studies Online

Film Studies 2270.02 is an online distance learning course that responds to the question: How do you study film? During the term, we will examine several important critical approaches to film and analysis and, in the process, become familiar with different schools of film theory. The methods that we will discuss during this quarter address a range of different, yet overlapping concerns: the commonalities that distinguish particular groups of films (e.g. genre; auteur); how film functions as an industry; the role of audiences and fans; the significance of new digital technologies; and how films relate to larger historical and social questions (e.g. gender issues, processes of racialization, and constructions of sexuality).
Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 2270.02 or 2271 (270). GE VPA course.

  • Lecture: 24853 Meets: Online Instructor: Matt Swift
  • ** Begins 5/11/15 through 7/31/15

Courses Outside the Major of Interest for Film Studies Majors
***Not part of the basica Film Studies Major***

**Check "Course Descriptions" to verify enrollment permissions and prerequisites needed**

Art 5501 Video Art I

Introduction to the creation and analysis of video artwork; including techniques of video capture, post production, manipulation and critique within the context of art.
Prereq: Art 2000, 2400, 2501, 2555, 200, 208, or 300.02, or History of Art 260, or Dance 357, or Theatre 100. Repetable to a maximum of 6 credit hours.

  • Lecture: 14122/14123 Meets: M W 6:55-9:40 pm Hopkins Hall 0346 Instructor: Staff

Art 5551 Video Art II

Intermediate theory and practice of creating video artwork. Emphasis on personal expression and experimental approaches.
Prereq: 4001, or permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 credit horus.

  • Lecture: 24739/24740 Meets: TBA Instructor: Roger Beebe
  • * May term course*