Film Student Ambassadors


Film Student Ambassadors

Film Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students (rising juniors and seniors) enrolled as majors in Moving-Image Production or Film Studies. Additionally, Film Alumni Ambassadors are recent graduates of our programs in film and media. 

Ambassadors volunteer to share their experiences of what it's like to be part of Ohio State's film majors, campus communities, and student organizations.

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2022-2023 Ambassador Cohort:

Film Student Ambassadors

  • David Cassady, Major: Film Studies
  • Bhairavi Gupte, Major: Film Studies 
  • Isabel Tettau, Major: Moving-Image Production

Film Alumni Ambassadors

  • Gabe Lomotey, Alumni Ambassador, Film Studies
  • Maya Neyman, Alumni Ambassador, Moving-Image Production
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Ambassador Profiles


David Cassady - Film Student Ambassador

Major: Film Studies


David Cassady

David Cassady is a third-year student majoring in Film Studies. David’s passion for film started when he was young with classics like Aladdin (1992) and School of Rock (2003). He had a personal collection in a large DVD case that quickly began to fill up. This led into David’s high school years where he began collecting movies again, acquiring at least one movie every week based on what he saw in theaters with his family. Growing up, David and his family attended the theater regularly to catch the premiers of the biggest blockbusters. As he moved around the world, David still consistently went to the theater and rented movies for $1 at the local movie store.  

David was initially a Mechanical Engineering major for three semesters before pursuing his passion for film and switching majors to Film Studies. He wants to learn as much as possible about the field of filmmaking and get involved in the industry. David is an active rock climber and loves to work out and box. He still drives to the theater almost on a weekly basis to see the latest releases and is always there opening night for superhero movies. David’s dream is to help make the Batman movie he’s always wanted. 


Bhairavi Gupte - Film Student Ambassador

Major: Film Studies


Bhairavi Gupte

Bhairavi Gupte is a junior majoring in Film Studies, with a focus in Screenwriting and a minor in The Capital Program. She is passionate about film and media literacy and hopes to inform prospective film studies students about the advantages of being a film student at Ohio State.

Bhairavi’s favorite films are Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). Bhairavi is interested in animation, film theory, and screenwriting. The Film Studies major has given her the opportunity to learn about all of this and more.


Isabel Tettau - Film Student Ambassador

Major: Moving-Image Production 



Isabel Tettau is a fourth year Moving-Image Production major, with multiple minors in Film Studies, Linguistics, Screenwriting, and Entertainment Design & Technology. She has felt connected with storytelling from a young age and is excited to find a mode of storytelling that inspires her. Isabel is also a member of the Arts Scholars programs leadership team to help other scholars discuss and create art to tell their own stories. 

Whether it’s a colorful costume or a witty piece of dialogue, Isabel loves exploring new ways to provide information in the narratives she creates. When starting any project, Isabel finds inspiration in telling stories about female friendships and mental health because of the impact of those experiences on her life. She sees FSA as a way to reach more people with her shared passion and help create opportunities for future success in the program!


Gabe Lomotey (B.A. '22) - Film Alumni Ambassador

Alumnus, Film Studies

Email: /


During his time as a Film Studies major, Gabe became highly intrigued with the works of many film theorists such as Susan Sontag and Girish Shambu, idolizing their work that supports different aspects of cinema and film theory. Along with film theory, he found himself infatuated with the genres of documentary and narrative film. Gabe balances production, editing, directing, and writing. An unlimited flow of creativity inspires him to be a better filmmaker every day.

Since 2010, Gabe has been intrigued with editing gaming videos for himself and other creators on YouTube. As he continued to practice his craft, he found himself more involved in cinematography after picking up his first DSLR in 2015. By 2018, Gabe decided to jump start his own company to offer his services as both a videographer and photographer. In early 2020, the company  rebranded to "YMDMedia," with services including wedding videos, music videos, photography, and more. In the same year, he released a short film titled Refuge. Gabe’s wish is to help create experiences that will be held close by diverse communities and people from all around the world.


Maya Neyman (B.A. '22) - Film Alumni Ambassador

Alumna, Moving-Image Production



Maya specialized in documentary film production during her time at the Ohio State University. While completing her degree at OSU, Maya held a variety of production internships that have helped her enhance her classroom skills in moving-image production. During her senior-year Maya began an internship (and was subsequently hired) in the Long Form Production unit at ABC News, which recently launched a new non-fiction division, "ABC News Studios," to produce documentaries and docuseries on Hulu. Maya is ecstatic to be able to further explore the integration of documentary film and visual journalism in her role. 

Maya's favorite films are Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021), Varda (2019)The Farewell (2019), and Little Miss Sunshine (2006). With a passion for the Sony FX9, Maya is dedicated to uplifting community voices, exposing the truth of lived experience and giving a megaphone to subjects often ignored.