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Undergraduate student film/media groups:


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Animation Club

Animation Club is a community for those interested in viewing, discussing, and making animated shorts. Open membership; email to be added to the club's email chain, Facebook, Instagram, and GroupMe. Meetings for AU 21 take place on Mondays from 7:30-8:30pm in Sullivant Hall in the Barnett Collaboratory, Room 141. 

Art & Technology Club

Art and Tech Club is an organization committed to building a stronger art community by engaging in the members’ academic and professional interests. The club discusses careers within entertainment industries such as animation, film, video games, comics, and digital art.

Buckeyes Assemble!

Buckeyes Assemble! is a social club that is solely for discussing, debating, and celebrating everything Marvel. This organization wants to bring together people who love Marvel and to have fun. We will have "Marvel Fights", give presentations on themes and the cultural significance of Marvel films and shows, do screenings of films, do service activities through the "Be a Hero" program, and much more. All are welcome to join this club. Even DC fans.


Cinéseries is a student-lead group that organizes monthly screening series in collaboration with the Wexner Center for the Arts. We aim to offer a space for students and the community to engage with film and expanded cinema from makers from a variety of backgrounds. We aspire to create an environment conducive to critical engagement by inviting filmmakers to showcase work that takes risks, challenges norms, and opens a conversation by devoting to a wide range of artist-centered and independent media. 

Female Gaze Screening Club

The Female Gaze Screening Club purpose is to provide a space for students who identify as a female or a gender minority to voice their thoughts and opinions about the portrayal & role of female identifying and gender nonconforming individuals in film, both on screen and behind the camera. We screen/discuss movies from an intersectional feminist POV. Follow on Instagram: or email to be added to GroupMe.

Film and Video Society

Film and Video Society is committed to fostering cooperation and creativity among Ohio State students in the disciplines of film and video. By offering an open and rewarding environment for the study and appreciation of film and video, the group strives to prepare students for future explorations in media. Activities include creating and producing compelling video projects, hosting screenings of independent student work, and taking trips to film festivals across the nation. Email for more information, and join our Facebook.

Mad Royal Film Society

Film organization comprised of undergraduate students interested in all aspects of film production. Close-knit, fun-spirited movie group that collaborates in production teams (screenwriting, set design, storyboarding, cinematography, editing/sound design) to make a polished short film per school year. Mad Royal members do pre-production in the fall, and filming in the spring. Members also meet to play games, talk movies and tv, compete in film contests, shoot short films, and have movie nights together. For more information on joining Mad Royal, go to our website and YouTube, shoot us an email at or reach out on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Namaste Bollywood

Spreading appreciation for the South Asian film industry through movie nights, cultural and charity events. For more information, email:

Scarlet and Gray Anime

Scarlet and Gray Anime is an appreciation group for Japanese popular culture through screenings of Japanese animated films and related popular media. Keep up with our events on Facebook.

Video Essay Club 

(VEC) aims to provide a safe and open space for any and all students to creatively explore their academic interests through the audiovisual medium of video essays. By giving members an opportunity to learn from and communicate with each other through discussions, workshops, and screenings, VEC endeavors to improve members' fluency with the techniques of academic videography and inspire a shared passion for artistic and intellectual pursuit in this burgeoning genre of digital media. For more information, email:

Graduate student film/media groups: 

Interdisciplinary Graduate Film Studies Group at Ohio State University

IGFSG provides a forum for graduate students to learn from one another and form connections across disciplines while pursuing academic career development goals related to film studies. The IGFSG's goal is to provide opportunities for viewing, reading, and discussion, as well as support for filmmaking and cinema appreciation efforts at OSU. 

The Graduate Student Film & Photography Organization

The purpose of the Graduate Student Film and Photography organization is to provide a point of focus for graduate students and health professionals students interested in some aspect of the visual arts, including but not limited to photography, film, and theater. As a student organization, the club will put on events available for graduate students (but also open to undergraduate students) including workshops and events that teach and celebrate aspects of visual arts. Membership Contact: Phil Anjum ('22)

Screenings and student involvement at Ohio State: 

Annual screenings of student work:

Campus Arts Organizations

The Wexner Center for the Arts: world-class arts and media programming, artist and filmmaker visits, talks, special events. ​

Buckeye TV: student TV station, original programming/content created by students interested in broadcasting and tv production. BuckeyeTV television production experience is part of course enrollment in Theatre 3351/3552, “Television Production I / II.”​

Theatre crew: no expertise required, 3-4 weeks/evenings during plays.

Theatre Lab Series: student proposed works, readings, screenplay readings. ​

"Off the Lake" Productions: 100% student-run plays, musicals, cabarets (through OSU Residence Life).​