Brian Mehling Endowment Fund for Film Industry Internships


The following funds are for undergraduate students who are currently enrolled on the Columbus campus. This funding has been designated by the donor(s) to support student’s participation in internship opportunities in the film industry.  Funds will be awarded to selected applicants upon confirmation of participation in an official internship through receipt of internship acceptance letter.

Application Deadline – Monday April 15th

Newly admitted undergraduate students who are not yet enrolled in classes should contact their departments directly for scholarship information.

The Brian Mehling Endowment Fund

Competition is open to all students with a declared major in an Arts and Sciences discipline and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Awardees will be selected and awarded once proof of participation in an internship is received.

How to Apply

You may submit an online application after Autumn semester grades have been posted to your advising report. The application window will be from January 8, 2019 – April 15th, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Applications should be submitted by email to Film Studies.

Combine Documents

Please note:  As part of the application you will need to send the following two documents as one .pdf file.  Only a .pdf file may be accepted.  You will find information below on combining two documents into one .pdf file.

When combining your documents, be certain to order them as follows:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Advising Report
  3. Budget for Internship Experience
  4. Statement of Other Funding

The document must be saved and named in the following format:  Last Name_#_Mehling Internship Funding Application.pdf.

Personal Statement

Personal statement of 500 words or less that describes how receiving the Mehling Endowment Fund for Internships in the Film Industry would enhance your studies or achievement of an academic goal. List and discuss the internship(s) you are planning to pursue and how that experience will help you excel in your academic and professional goals. In addition, describe how you have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership and service within and outside the university during your time at Ohio State. If you have other academic or recent life experiences relevant to a merit and/or need-based scholarship (e.g. participation in Big Brothers, Big Sisters or other service organizations), or any special circumstances or reasons why you should be considered for a scholarship from the College of Arts and Sciences, please describe them.

The personal statement should include the name and contact information for two academic reference (faculty member, instructor, or advisor).

The following must appear in the upper right-hand corner of your personal statement: First name, last name, (dot)#. (Jane Buckeye.123) Before submitting your application, review all information you are providing to ensure there are no errors.  Once you submit your application you will not be able to make any changes.

Advising Report

Please wait until after your Autumn grades have been posted before saving a copy of your advising report.

Go to BuckeyeLink, login, then go to the Enrollment and Academic History section of the page to generate your advising report.

Combine the following two documents and save as one .pdf file

Budget for Participating in Internship

Prepare and include a detailed budget that illustrates the cost involved for the internship you are applying. This budget can include estimated cost of travel, cost of accommodations, basic living expenses, as well as any other reasonable cost that will be encountered during your participation. The budget should contain a description and cost for expense as well as a total for all expenses.

Statement of Other Funding

You will be asked to enter the name and annual value of any scholarships and/or fellowships that you currently receive.  If you need help identifying this information, please check your Statement of Account available on your Student Center and accessible via BuckeyeLink, or check with the Student Service Center.