Internships and Employment


The Film Studies Program believes that internships are an important part of the academic experience and can add important development opportunities for students pursuing careers in any aspect of film production and film studies.

As a film studies major, students have access to over 30 faculty members across 15 departments and a two person advising staff that can provide academic enrichment as well as career counseling for students interested in film criticism, screenwriting, and moving-image production. A major goal of the film studies program is that every student should graduate from their program with at least one hands on professional experience on their resume. Students obtain practical internship and career research and acquisition skills by working with the program’s internship coordinator and career counselor to develop strategies to support local, domestic, and international professional development within multiple areas of the film industry from working in film archives to participating in a motion picture project as a production assistant.

Our students have found internships and careers within a variety of companies and on specific motion picture and television productions including:


3 Arts Entertainment, 4th Row Films, Bungalow Media, Broadway Video, CBS, Cohen Media, Groundswell Pictures, Myriad Pictures, Netflix, Youtube, Paradigm, Sundance, Starz, Ohio HD, Paradigm and Silver Pictures, WOSU Public Media.

Movies and shows

Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Carol, Fast and Furious 8; The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; Mock & Roll, Power Book II: Ghost

Also, the Film Studies Program is striving to help students obtain summer internships as a part of their academic career and professional development.

Students who are interested in pursuing internships over the summer should contact Film Studies to set up an appointment.

Financial Support

The Film Studies Program offers financial support for students who obtain internships in the film industry through the Brian Mehling Endowment Fund for Film Industry Internships.

An annual competition will be held to award funds to students who apply. Learn more and apply to Mehling Film Industry Internship Support.

Internship Resources

Documents provided as part of the workshop

Local Internships

Summer Internships






Career Resources

Skills and Careers

Current Students can visit the Student Job Board for internships, paid opportunities and work study. 

OSU Career Success Center

Check out some current opportunities for internships and employment offered through OSU Career Success Center.

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