Leventhal Artists Program History


Artist Highlights 2006-2014


Ezra Glinter
Deputy Arts Editor at the Jewish Daily Forward
Glinter will speak to audiences about Art & Trash: Yiddish Literature in the Jewish Forward and Abraham Cahan and the Forward: The Rise of the World’s Greatest Yiddish Newspaper.

Alan Berliner
Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker
Berliner will present his film, First Cousin Once Removed, and lead discussions on his compelling career as an experimental filmmaker.
Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust
The film, narrated by Liev Schreiber, follows the Frieder brothers who, with Philippines President Quezon, Paul McNutt, and Dwight Eisenhower helped 1,300 Jews escape the Nazis and immigrate to the Philippines.

2013 (NOV)

Rachel Loube
Documentary Filmmaker
Loube discussed her budding career as a social documentary filmmaker, and presented the trailers for her films Every Tuesday and This is Tap featuring dancer Michelle Dorrance.

2013 (APR)

Rosaly DeMaios Roffman
Pennsylvania Poet and Writer
Roffman, author of Coming into Bed Whole, Tottering Palaces, Approximate Message, In the Fall of Sparrow, and I Want to Thank My Eyes, read a selection of poems from her impressive oeuvre.


Dani Leventhal and Jacqueline Gross
Noted Video Filmmakers
Leventhal and Gross presented a selection of videos from their wide range of acclaimed documentary films, and held an open discussion of their work after the screening. The artists also spoke on their personal experiences as female filmmakers.


James Levin
Award-winning Director, Playwright, and Producer
During his visit to OSU’s campus, Levin hosted a seminar for OSU students where he shared his knowledge and perspective on the theatre world.


Nancy Gail-Clayton
Celebrated Louisville Playwright
Gail-Clayton led an interactive discussion on her work, her opinions of contemporary theatre, and her Judaism. The playwright also shared readings of her work The Snowflake Theory.


Emily Mann
Playwright, Director, and Artistic Director of Princeton University’s McCarter Theatre
Mann discussed her work as a playwright and theatrical director, focusing on her adaptation of Singer’s novel into her play Meshugah. A reading of Meshugah was produced by OSU’s Department of Theatre.

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