MIP Faculty and Partners

MIP Partners

Administered by the Film Studies Program, MIP is an interdisciplinary collaboration with departments across the College of Arts and Sciences and the Wexner Center for the Arts. Students majoring in MIP have the opportunity to take production courses in ACCADThe Department of ArtThe Department of Dance, and The Department of Theatre

The courses comprising the Film Studies Minor requirement come from The Department of African American & African Studies, The Department of East Asian Languages and LiteratureThe Department of Comparative StudiesThe Department of DesignThe Department of EnglishThe Department of French & ItalianThe Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, The Department of History of ArtThe Japanese ProgramSlavic and Eastern European Languages and CulturesThe Department of Spanish & Portuguese, and The Department of Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies.     

Core MIP Faculty                                          

Roger Beebe, Associate Professor  Roger Beebe, Associate Professor

Based in the Department of Art, Professor Roger Beebe is an experimental filmmaker and a film programmer, who has won numerous awards and screened his work around the world. He will be teaching Filmmaking Foundations 1 (MVNGIMG 2201) in Autumn 2017, and his other courses will contribute to the experimental area of MIP. To view some of Professor Beebe’s work, visit rogerbeebe.com

Vera Brunner-Sung, Associate Professor Vera Brunner-Sung, Assistant Professor 

An award-winning filmmaker who uses experimental, documentary, and narrative techniques to explore the relationship between place and identity, Professor Vera Brunner-Sung directed the feature Bella Vista (2014). Professor Brunner-Sung will be teaching Filmmaking Foundations 2 (MVNGIMG 2202) in Spring 2018 and will offer other courses in the Department of Theatre in MIP's narrative area. To view some of Professor Brunner-Sung’s work, visit brunner-sung.com

Ryan Friedman, Director of The Film Studies Program and MIP major Ryan Friedman, Associate Professor, Program Director

Professor Ryan Friedman is the Director of the Film Studies Program, which administers MIP. He works with program faculty, staff, and students to coordinate the development and delivery of this exciting new major.

Janet Parrott, Associate Professor and Chair of Theatre Department  Janet Parrott, Associate Professor 

Professor Janet Parrott is the Chair of the Department of Theatre. A distinguished teacher, Professor Parrott has mentored many Ohio State students in film and video production. She has been integral to the conception of the MIP major, bringing expertise in both the documentary and narrative areas of practice.

Alan Price, Associate Professor Alan Price, Associate Professor 

A faculty member in the Department of Design and ACCAD, Professor Alan Price brings his considerable creative and research expertise to the animation area of MIP. He has shown animation and film work at film festivals, and his interactive works are on permanent display in several museums of art, technology, science, and history. To view some of Professor Price’s work, visit accad.osu.edu/~aprice/

Mitchell Rose, Associate Professor of Dance and Moving-Image Production Mitchell Rose, Associate Professor

Professor Mitchell Rose is one of the leading practitioners in the field of "dance-film" and curates an annual festival at the Wexner Center for the Arts called DANCE@30FPS. Before becoming a filmmaker and joining the Department of Dance at Ohio State, Professor Rose was a New York-based choreographer/performance artist. The MIP elective courses that he teaches include Making the Filmic Poem, Dance Film 1, and Dance Film 2.

Kyoung Lee Swearingen, Associate Professor Kyoung Lee Swearingen, Assistant Professor 

Before joining the Department of Design at Ohio State, Professor Swearingen was Technical Director of Lighting at Pixar Animation Studios, where she worked on a number of award-winning features and shorts. Her courses will contribute to the animation area of MIP.

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