2021 Mad Royal Film Festival Winners

April 9, 2021

2021 Mad Royal Film Festival Winners

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The Mad Royal Film Society student filmmaking club digitally premiered the Mad Royal Film Festival 2021 on YouTube on April 2nd. 

The Festival consisted of a dynamic variety of bite-sized (1-12 minute) shorts made within the last year under restrictions of the pandemic. Films were judged by esteemed OSU faculty and staff representing relevant fields in the arts.

The program line-up included an unprecedented amount of submissions, with a total of 26 films showing this year:

WINNER – Best Short Film: Este-Cate (4:55) Arvcúken Noquisi

WINNER – Best Screenplay / Best Micro Film: The Calculator (1:19) Marcy Paredes

WINNER – Best Cinematography / Audience Choice Award: My Grandpa is a Painter (8:55) Jeremy Schwochow

WINNER – Best Editing: Dis-Illusioned (0:46) Jessica Sunderhaft

WINNER – Best Editing / Audience Choice Award: Did I Hear What? (5:53) Jake Metzger

WINNER – Best Performance: Cast of Only One Left (1:10) Gibson Davis

WINNER – Best Production Design: Waves (2:55) Celia Andrews

WINNER – Best Production Design / Audience Choice Award: Love. (3:14) Maya Neyman

WINNER – Best Sound Design: Like A Kid Again (2:48) Veronica Cook 

WINNER – Audience Choice Award: TXT (0:37) Sari Applefeld

WINNER – Audience Choice Award: – [just like that] (3:25) Bryan Houlihan-Johnson


Bounce (8:42) Will & David O’Neil 

cold brew (0:28) Sarah Dooling 

Descent (2:33) Bilal Khan

Five of Cups, Upright Reversed (5:14) Jackie Brady

Gender Manifesto (2:03) Courtney Barger

Hand (1:00) Emma Dixon

Home (3:26) Stefan Sholtis  

Next Stop (1:57) Kayla Lehman

President Puppet (3:22) 8th Floor Improv 

Rob’s Daylilies (7:56) Mikayla Eckenrod

So This Is Love (1:49) Jesse Lung

Terminal Decline (8:00) Jake and Chad Ressler & Isaac Lieber

Through the Eyes of a Filmmaker (3:44) Mary Wheeler

Undertow (6:20) Emily Miller

What is a Woman (1:03) Laura Duplessis



2021 Faculty and Staff judging panel: 

Erin Alys, Roger Beebe, Michael Kaplan, Erica Levin, Linda Mizejewski, Paige Piper, Liz Roberts, Matt Swift




Meetings: Mondays at 7 p.m.


Discord Channel: Discord.GG/ZXQ6afN

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/MadRoyalFilmSociety