Chris Jeansonne Wins the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching's Graduate Associate Teaching Award

April 24, 2017

Chris Jeansonne Wins the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching's Graduate Associate Teaching Award

Associate Professor Christopher Jeansonne

The Film Studies Program at OSU would like to congratulate Graduate Teaching Associate Chris Jeansonne   on his recent award from the University’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching as well as his recent Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate award from the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy’s Graduate Studies Committee. In addition to teaching the Film Studies 2271: Introduction to Film Studies for Majors, Professor Jeansonne also teaches Art Education 2367.03: Criticizing Television.

These awards stand as testament to Professor Jeansonne’s focus on student-led learning and his thorough research and dedication to excellence in education. In a recent interview with the Film Studies staff, Jeansonne described his integrated philosophy as an effort to make the theory and approach to film more accessible for undergrads. In his words:

 “Education happens with students, not to them.”

Jeansonne’s use of student-led, co-education tools such as “Expert Days,” — a methodology in which students research a topic ahead of their selected participation date and then walk their classmates through the material—has encouraged participation and engagement. Moreover, the subject matter is tailored by student interest at the beginning of the semester to ensure that the material is pertinent to the specific interests of the students in the course.

Of course, Professor Jeansonne’s educational practices have a solid background from his extensive experience as an educator in the US and abroad. A native of Louisiana, he has also lived and studied in France, and Japan. His educational pursuits have been similarly multicultural in approach; Jeansonne earned his BA in French Literature with an Asian and Japanese Studies minor before attaining his MFA in Film Production from Ohio University in Athens. He later served for seven years as the head of a Media Arts Program in an arts-based charter school in New Orleans, where students worked in video, photography, design, and sequential art.

Now in the third year of his PhD in AAEP, Professor Jeansonne’s focus on the superhero genre as a means of exploring individual and group identity will serve as the template for his dissertation as well as his upcoming Summer 2017 course, Film Studies 2367: American Genres (Superheroes).

For more information on this exciting course, visit the Summer 2017 course listing page on our website.

Associate Professor Christopher Jeansonne teaching Intro to Film Studies.