First-ever MIP Senior Thesis Film Showcase

April 30, 2021

First-ever MIP Senior Thesis Film Showcase


The Moving Image Production Major in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts and the Wexner Center for the Arts proudly presented the first ever MIP Senior Thesis Film Showcase, streaming from April 23 through May 06, 2021. 

MIP seniors

Curated by Prof. Kyoung Swearingen, the program featured newly created work by 12 emerging filmmakers (graduating MIP seniors). Their films speak to the vitality and creativity of the students in the ever-expanding Moving-Image Production program.

With a runtime of 122 mins, the program lineup included: 

  • Pogo Live! Gaming with Steve Harvey!? (Jack Cataline, 5 mins.)

  • Watch & Burn (Jake Metzger, 10:30 mins.)

  • Suppressus (Grant Jones, 20 mins.)

  • Relics from the Earth (Jenna Friel, 10 mins.)

  • Lost Memo (Boniface L. Romp, 10 mins.)

  • The 2020 Music Experience (Patrick Rhonemus, 10 mins.)

  • Ghost Recordings (Spencer D.C. Gunnell, 15 mins.)

  • The Final Overture (Michael McKenna, 15 mins.)

  • Life as we know it (Alexis R. Ujczo, 5 mins.)

  • Despondency (Nathan D. Brown, 8 mins.)

  • speak into me tongues of stories where they fall in love and stay that way forever (Lucas Atha, 7 mins.)

  • Sounds of Columbus (Austin Kieffer-Jones, 6:30 mins.)


Congratulations to the filmmakers!