Flm Studies Local Internships

October 21, 2013

Flm Studies Local Internships

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The Ohio State University's Film Studies Program is proud to announce internships that are being developed locally in Columbus, Ohio. We currently have non-paid/for-credit internships that coincide with video production, film exhibition, and film criticism (See list and descriptions below).

Students who are interested in this internship opportunity should send an email of application to filmstudies@osu.edu, containing: the student's full name, contact information, rank, and a brief statement of interest (approximately 100 words) summarizing the applicant's audio/visual technical aptitude. Applications should be sent during the previous terms course enrollment period and review of applications will be ongoing until the internship is filled.

Please note that an expression of interest will not automatically qualify an applicant for the internship.  The Film Studies Program will be in contact by phone or email with more information.   Applications will be accepted and reviewed upon receipt until the internship has been filled.

Rohauer Collection (All Terms)

The Rohauer Collection is a world renowned collection of silent and sound motion pictures. Holdings include the films of Buster Keaton, Douglas Fairbanks, D.W. Griffith, as well as a large library of British films, selected Hollywood classics, experimental films and more. The Internship will give students a chance to work with a classic film distributor and collection which distributes films domestically and internationally, maintains a vast collection of historical artifacts from classical cinema, and routinely produce film to digital transfers of films for DVD and BluRay release. Specific duties may entail quality checking dvd and blu-ray releases, pulling frame grabs, filing, research and writing of synopses, prepping films (DCP and 35MM to be shipped), re-shelving films or retrieving them, and film inspection (normally 35MM). Students interested in preservation, archives, and distribution should apply for this opportunity. 


Medical Center Media Productions (All Terms)

Student Interns will gain production experience in both studio and field settings in lighting, audio, set design and many other aspects in addition to hands-on experience with shooting and editing video.  Due to the increased need for videos for the Medical Center’s youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/osumedicalcenter ), advanced student interns could have the opportunity to pitch and produce videos somewhat independently.

Media and Public Relations Broadcast Internship (All Terms)

Want the chance to participate alongside producers of the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN? What about being on location with crews of TV episodes like The Rachael Ray Show, Glee, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Sports venues such as HBO Real Sports and ESPN?

The Media and Public Relations Broadcast Internships offered through Film Studies provides educational, hands-on experience combining skills in media public relations, administration, and production. Interns prepare and facilitate the creation of academically informed materials that represent The Ohio State University to both local and world-wide consumers of media, often working with on-camera talent and large broadcast/distribution outlets directly.

Opportunities exist for students to learn how to pitch to national networks, handle the business side of public relations, and gain hands-on experience setting up live national network interviews. Students will have some opportunity to enhance video production skills and help contribute to our YouTube Channel: http://go.osu.edu/JJN. Social media platforms, such as the use of Twitter for pitching experts, and our interactive web site, will allow students to be creative in assisting with our national reputation goals. As a graded component for this internship students will be assigned a personal blog in which they must maintain weekly posts aimed at fine-tune their skills in creating content in different media forms.

MediaSource Content Internship  (All Terms)

What is a MS Content Internship?
Generally: A unique opportunity for undergraduate students to expand their knowledge in the content/production/journalism field from the MediaSource awardwinning work with brand journalism. A content internship requires bulk hours and a hardworking attitude when it comes to completing tasks. A small office environment that allows the intern to interact with all departments. Task Work: The content intern will assist the full content team and is responsible for supporting the project teams by performing a variety of support duties as they relate to multimedia content. Project can include and are not limited to production assistant for multimedia productions, making media duplications for media, multimedia story brainstorming, content strategy, sitin/observation in edits with content team, support for digital media delivery and distribution, transcribing interview/shoot footage, tracking media relations coverage, research for multimedia, news releases and general content production.
Work Hours: Negotiable but would prefer bulk work hours.
Hourly rate: Not paid but can be used for class credit
Why Should an Intern Choose MS?
Specifically from a MediaSource internship, an intern will gain:
● Opportunity to work with an awardwinning
brand journalism/content team
● Handson
opportunities with upperlevel
● Small office environment allows intern to develop professional relationships and contacts with
MediaSource employees
● Experience full work days
● Potential future employment
● Basic understanding of post production editing programs specifically
Adobe Systems and Final
● Basic understanding of Motion Graphics and/or videography preferred but not required.
● Systems used at MS: Adobe Creative Cloud (Most oftenPremiere
Pro, Photoshop, After Effects,
Media Encoder, Bridge), Final Cut 7, DVD Studio Pro, Motion.
Important Attributes:
● Success in this position requires organization as well as the ability to take initiative and ownership of
responsibilities and tasks assigned.
● Must be a quick learner who is a self starter with the ability to be assigned tasks and complete them
● Strong interest in news, strategy and writing