Summer Internship at Silver Pictures: Lauren Younkin

September 5, 2018

Summer Internship at Silver Pictures: Lauren Younkin

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Upon her return to campus this fall, we sat down with Lauren Younkin who is majoring in English with minors in Screenwriting and Classics. During the summer of 2018 Lauren took advantage of two separate opportunities at The Ohio State University: the English Department’s Literary Locations Program in London and a summer internship with funding from the Brian Mehling Fund for Internships in the Film Industry. Lauren spent the month of May in London then within a week of returning state side, she began her summer internship at Silver Pictures in Santa Monica, California. “Silver Pictures is an American film production company founded by Hollywood producer Joel Silver during 1985.” (wikipedia) Silver Pictures is known for such classics as Brewster’s Millions, Commando, Die Hard , Lethal Weapon, Road House, and the Matrix as well as the more recent Sherlock Homes films with Robert Downey Jr. and last year’s Suburbicon directed by George Clooney. During her time there, Lauren participated in typical clerical support roles but her primary responsibility was in the development area, working specifically on the intake, reading, processing of possible literary content to be optioned and produced. She confessed that this internship helped her focus in more on exactly what the development side of the film industry is and she hopes to pursue a similar career once she graduates.  Here are some further highlights from our interview.


When are you planning to graduate and what was your major/minor?

I am planning to graduate after the spring semester of 2019 with a major in English and minors in Classics and Screenwriting.

Did you start off at OSU with that major/minor in mind or did you change your course of study?

I started off at OSU in the Exploration program, as I had no idea which programs would be a good fit for me. I officially became an English major my 2nd year, and picked up my minors later that year as well.

What brought you to Film Studies/ got you interested in film?

I’ve loved TV and movies my whole life, and when I took Intro to Film as a GE course my freshman year I learned how much went into making visual media, including writing.

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Are there any faculty/staff who mentored you during your time or whose courses you specifically enjoyed?

Angus Fletcher was a professor of mine for a screenwriting course, and has been one of my favorites at OSU. I was incredibly impressed at his ability to break down a story.

What advice would you give to current Film Studies students?

Don’t be afraid to seek out learning opportunities.

Do you have any advice for other students about funding these kinds of opportunities?

Lauren was able to secure funding through the English Department for her study abroad and from the Brian Mehling Fund for her internship. During our interview she mentioned looking into alternative grants and scholarships offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. Another scholarship of interest is the FRANCILLE M. FIREBAUGH STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP which helps with funding students to study abroad during their undergraduate career.

How do you use your studies and your degree today?

English is such a huge part of our lives; it’s how we communicate with one another. I read and write on a daily basis, as I’m sure everyone does, but now I’m able to appreciate just how much language does for us.         

What plans do you have for the future?

My plans for my future are just as nebulous as they were when I first got to college. But I’ve been able to hone my interests a bit more in my time here and hopefully as I go further in life I will continue to do so.