TFMA presented 2021 DigiEYE student film screening

November 15, 2021

TFMA presented 2021 DigiEYE student film screening


The Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts hosted the DigiEYE student film screening event at the Wexner Center for the Arts on November 9, 2021. 


DigiEYE featured live-action and animated moving-image shorts created by students from the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts, the Department of Dance, and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design. The screening event, open to the public, was curated by Prof. Janet Parrott, and featured narrative, documentary, animated, and experimental shorts. 

The program lineup featured twenty short films created in 2021:

Stunted Growth (Brie Robinson & Maddie McSteen, 4:15 mins.) 
Hero Lamp Saves Kid (Trey Small, 30 secs.)
Untitled (Taylor Massie, 4:50 mins.)
Pathogen (Kenny Olson, 3:40 mins.) 
Interference (Katie O’Loughlin, 3:20 mins.) 
Secret Message (His Yuan Chu, 4:25 mins.) 
Este-cate (Arvcúken Noquisi, 4:56 mins.) 
Secret Message (Emily Subr, 7:54 mins.) 
The Sun Also Rises (Yujie Chen, 6:44 mins.)
A Chair’s Purpose (Morgan Toronyi, 2:24 mins.) 
Squares (Emma Dixon, 3:14 mins.)
Embrace_ (Latesha Merkel, 5:18 mins.)
When in Doubt (Stefan Sholtis, 4:35 mins.)
Sketchy (Jesse Lung, 1:41 mins.)
The Drink (Praj Sharma, 2:47 mins.)
Digital Space (Byan Houlihan-Johnson & Jeremy Schwochow, 6:33 mins.)
Documentary assignment #5 (Renee Austin, 3:03 mins.) 
未 One and Another Half (Yujie Chen, 3:38 mins.)
Guppy (Linda Tran, 2:30 mins.)
It'll be Alright (Angel Lam, 3:04 mins.)