Vincent Grenier Visit

October 24, 2014

Vincent Grenier Visit

Photo of Vincent Grenier

On Wednesday, October 29 at 7 p.m. in 220 Sullivant Hall, the Department of Art and the Film Studies Program are proud to present a screening by renowned experimental filmmaker Vincent Grenier.

Grenier, who has been making important contributions to avant-garde cinema for 4 decades now, has been called "a master of quiet, delicate forms, gradual transitions, and wry misdirection.”  While the program he will be presenting for us will focus primarily on his celebrated 16mm films (including Interieur Interiors and YOU, both included in the Whitney Museum’s American Century Film Program), those films will be framed by two more recent video works (Tabula Rasa (2004) and Watercolor (2013)), demonstrating the range of Grenier’s interests and approaches. 

“If Grenier’s work provides pleasures both anticipated (the formal beauty and exacting eye of a great media artist) and unanticipated (the many contradictions, misprisions, and perceptual paradoxes the works induce), his films and videos also seem to want to tell us, in very direct ways, that those pleasures are only partly of the artist’s making. They are also accidental and given to chance; they are also freely available. And so in a way, I think Vincent Grenier’s work, if I may call upon one of the hoary old saws of the avant-garde, aims to “teach us how to see,” but in ways a bit different than how that concept has been trotted out in the past by mythopoets and structuralists alike.” – Michael Sicinski (Moving Image Source)

This screening is free and open to the public.

Further information about Vincent Grenier and his films can be found at

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