Pre-Major Courses


Pre-Major Courses 

The pre-major in Moving-Image Production is designed to provide students with a chance to start creating work during their first term as students at The Ohio State University. Students are advised to prepare for the pre-major by obtaining access to a DSLR style camera as it will be required for the Digital Photography course. If students need advice on equipment purchases they should feel free to contact the Film Studies Program by email, so we can provide assistance.

MVNGIMG 2201 – Filmmaking Foundations 1 (AU Term, 3CH)

The first of a two-part sequence of courses designed for students to develop an understanding of the visual language of film through hands-on making.

MVNGIMG 2202 – Filmmaking Foundations 2 (SP Term, 3CH)

The second course in a progressive sequence in which students acquire an intermediate level of knowledge, skills and theory, in cinematic practice.

Chose one of the following, preferably autumn term.

Art 2000 – Encountering Contemporary Art (3CH)

Readings, lectures, discussions and field trips will introduce students to a diverse range of ideas, processes and contexts shaping the experience of visual art today. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 162 or 200.

Art 3555 (Previously 2555) – Photography 1: Digital Photography (3CH)

Introduces photographic theory, practice, and aesthetics with image production, commercial lab prints and critiques. Student provides digital camera, minimum 6 mp, with full manual controls and exposure compensation available. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 300.01, 300.02, or 300.02H. GE VPA course. VSP Admis Cond course.

*After MVNGIMG 2202, Students will submit a portfolio for faculty review before proceeding with the major.