Production Mode Studios


These courses offer intensive focus in one of the four moving-image modes (animation, documentary, experimental, or narrative). Students acquire conceptual approaches unique to the given mode of practice.

Approximately 8 courses for a total of 24 credit hours:

At least 18 credit hours at the 3000 level and above.

Students can choose from a large variety of courses across the departments of The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), Art, Dance, Design, and Theatre. Courses specifically designed for moving-image production students are:


• ACCAD 5001 Motion Studies Through Hand-Drawn Animation (3CH)

• ACCAD 5002 3D Computer Animation: Form, Light, Motion I (3CH)

• ACCAD 5003 3D Computer Animation: Form, Light, Motion II (3CH)

• ACCAD 5100 Concept Development for Time-Based Media (3CH)

• ACCAD 5194.01 Group Studies in Digital Animation and Interactive Media .5 - (3CH)


• Theatre 5341 Studies in Documentary (3CH)


• Art 4009: Film/Video II: Experimental Strategies (3CH)

• Art 5009: Film/Video III: Topics in Technologies and Strategies (3CH)

• Art 4009: Film/Video IV: Topics in Theories and Strategies (3CH)


• Theatre 3381: Introduction to Narrative Filmmaking (3CH)

• Theatre 5321: Video Production 1  (3CH)

• Theatre 5322: Editorial Process  (3CH)

• Theatre 5323: Video Production 2  (3CH)


As students proceed through the major, they will work with specific faculty members to formulate a strategy and choose courses based on the students production mode interest.