Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization (GIS)


Autumn 2016 GIS Courses

About the GIS:

The OSU Film Studies Program administers the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Film Studies, which is available to students enrolled in post-graduate degree programs in another discipline. It does not currently offer an M.A. or Ph.D.

Goals of the GIS in Film Studies:

  • To provide students the tools for rigorous formal and historical analysis of film.
  • To urge students to think critically about film as an aesthetic form and cinema as a social institution.
  • To encourage pursuit of interdisciplinary inquiries about cinema.


Here is a summary of the curriculum for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Film Studies:

  • 12 Hours spread over 4 courses, subject to coordinator's approval.
  • At least 9 hours from the IFSC Master and Supplemental Lists (see below).
  • At least 9 hours outside the student’s home program.
  • 6 hours at the 7000 level or above.
  • 3.4 GPA in the GIS and no grade lower than a “B” for these four courses.

To apply for the GIS, please make an appointment with the director of the Film Studies Program at 292-6044 or by emailing

Application for the GIS is to be made before the beginning of the semester of its completion. This requirement exists because (1) the form may be forwarded to the Graduate School only in the first two weeks of each semester, and (2) this leaves time for making other arrangements in the event that a course is not approved toward the GIS.

Eligible Courses: To qualify for the GIS in Film Studies, students must complete at least 9 credit hours in the courses from the Master and Supplemental lists.

Master List of Courses

Courses available for a GIS in Film Studies.

Supplemental List of Courses

Listing of supplemental courses available for a GIS in Film Studies.

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Film Studies Group (IGFSG) at OSU

From the IGFSG website: "In response to the needs of graduate students from various fields interested in cinema and media studies, IGFSG’s goal is to provide opportunities for viewing, reading, discussion, fun, and professionalization, as well as support for filmmaking and cinema appreciation efforts throughout campus. We have hosted guest faculty lecturers, assembled colloquia, and presented panels at national conferences. If you are an OSU graduate student interested in IGFSG, join us each month on the last Thursday at 7 pm at Studio 35 on Indianola Ave. for happy hour, film trivial pursuit, and possibly a movie! We encourage you to get involved."