Film Studies Major


The Film Studies major concentrates on cinema as an international social practice and shapes its study as a humanistic discipline. Students complete a prerequisite introduction to film and then go on to:

  • core courses in basic film analysis, history, and theory;
  • take classes in early, multicultural, and experimental traditions;
  • choose film studies electives;
  • develop a focus area in film theory, screenwriting, or film production;
  • complete an intensive senior seminar.

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Film Studies Advising Sheet 2020


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 Click on individual components for lists of classes and more information.

Core (6 CH)

Introduces students to international film history, theory, and analysis.

Non-Fictional/Non-Industrial Component (6 CH)

Provides students an intensive engagement with artistic and documentary aspects of cinema. This section has two seperate course requirements; Non Fictional (typically offered in autumn term) and Non Industrial (typically offered in spring term).

Multicultural Component (3 CH)

Students select from classes built around topics and voices that do not usually have a place in mainstream cinema.

Pre-1950s Component (3 CH)

A chance for students to deepen their understanding of the roots and development of cinema.

Film Studies Electives (9 CH)

Chosen from over 50 course offerings, these three courses will be at the upper level to prepare students for research in film studies. 6 hours must be at the 4000 level or above.

Focus Area (9 CH)

A set of three courses chosen by the student in consultation with an academic advisor from courses throughout the university. The focus area a capstone requirement in the major that allows students to choose a specific intellectual focus for completing their degree. Students can pick from Film Theory, Screenwriting, Film Production, or do a combination of any of these areas. If the focus area cluster is deemed sufficiently rich in film studies material, students will be allowed to use one course (three hours) in the cluster to meet one other requirement in the major. 6 hours of the Focus Area must be at the 4000 level or above unless previous permission from the program office has been acquired.

Senior Seminar (3 CH)

A small class designed for intensive study and exchange on a vital topic in film studies, culminating in a significant research paper.

If you began the major before winter 2012, please contact an advisor.

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