Senior Seminar 3 CH


Required Course(s)

  • Film Studies 4895 Advanced Seminar or other approved course - 3 CH

Recent Senior Seminar Courses

  • Term: Autumn 2016 Class Title: Re-Inventing Television Instructor: Sean O'Sullivan Link
    • ​This course will focus on several 21st-century shows that, rather than starting from scratch, have re-invented familiar genres in the medium's history by changing the characters we get to see on television, and how we get to see them.
  • ​Term: Spring 2016 Class Title: Studies in a Major Director, Roman Polanski Instructor: Helena Goscilo Link
    • ​A course in the films, style, themes, and career of a single director. 
    • One-time exception Film Studies 4580
  • ​Term: Autumn 2015 Class Title: African American Film, 1960-Present Instructor: Ryan Friedman Link
    • ​This course examines the history of African American film since the 1960s, an era of significant change both within the American film industry and society at large.
  • ​Term: Spring 2015 Class Title: Studies in a Major Director, Luis Buñuel and Guillermo del Toro Instructor: Laura Podalsky Link
    • ​This course will analyze the professional and artistic trajectory of directors who have worked or currently work in several different industrial/cultural contexts. Luis Buñuel and Guillermo del Toro will serve as our main case studies; both (have) made films in at least 3 different industries/cultural contexts and have produced both art and commercial cinema. 
    • One-time exception Film Studies 4580
  • ​Term: Autumn 2014 Class Title: Topics in Film Studies Instructor: Margaret Flinn Link
    • ​This class will consider the ways in which contemporary art cinemas function both nationally and transnationally.​
  • ​Term: Spring 2014 Class Title: Topics in Film Studies Instructor: Laura Podalsky Link
    • ​This seminar examines the complex interfaces between cinema and history.