Why Study MIP?


“I’m thrilled that the MIP major will offer a centralized program with a unified experience for students working across the whole range of cinema to get a broad and deep exposure to the theory and practice of the moving image. MIP will be a unique program in the state of Ohio and a rare program in the whole Midwest, and I’m excited to see what kinds of productive cross-pollinations happen when students work with the shared resources of Theatre, Art, Design, and Film Studies and as they learn from each other as they advance through the program."

--Professor Roger Beebe

What Sets MIP Apart?

  • Learn from internationally recognized and award-winning faculty whose films and videos have been shown at prestigious venues around the world.
  • Experience cutting-edge programs of contemporary and historical films at the Wexner Center for the Arts, a world-class museum and theater that regularly brings filmmakers and artists to campus.
  • Take advantage of the full range of equipment required for filmmaking that is provided as part of the program.
  •  Acquire the academic and creative skills needed to pursue independent filmmaking or positions within the film industry, as well as careers in archiving and preservation, arts administration, film programming, criticism, journalism, and education. 

For more information about what the MIP major has to offer, download our MIP Spaces Snapshot.pdf.


Students work collaboratively to produce film.


MIP Faculty and Partners

Moving-Image Production Major Curriculum

Skills and Careers